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Best of Instagram ~ Angelamermaid in the city

Hello Instagram

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It took me a while to jump on the Instagram bandwagon, but I’m there now. I started using it consistently to document my commute to work. Hey, it’s boring to just stand there, waiting for a bus or a C-train. So I like to look around me and take a photo or two. A little creativity exercise to wake up the left side of my brain. Plus, it allows me to grow as a photographer. I’m learning to examine architecture for interesting details and angles. I had never been one to photograph buildings. but that is changing.

And since I have three cats, I also take cat pictures. Lots and lots of cat pictures. Fortunately I’m blessed with photogenic kitties. One of them is quite shy, the other two have no problem with me pointing my phone at them. As long as I don’t interrupt nap time.

These photos were taken on a Samsung Galaxy 4 or 5 phone.

Best of Instagram ~ Angelamermaid in the City
Article Name
Best of Instagram ~ Angelamermaid in the City
A collection of my best Instagram photos. Featuring downtown Calgary and a lot of cats.
Angela Boyko Art