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Adventures in Glass Photography

Posted on Mar 5, 2016 by in blog, Home, Photography |

A glowing glass orb.

The is one of my favourite experiments in photography. It’s a glass bottle stopped on top of a Laserpodt.

Have you started a 365 project and not finished it? Me too. But in 2010, I successfully finished a photo a day project. I consider it a great accomplishment because I had major surgery in 2010. And kept on clicking.

I think what helped is that there were no themes. I wasn’t limited to selfies or any other kind of photo. Some of the less inspired ones were taken just before midnight!


This outtake shows the set p:

An innovative photo of a glass stopper lit up.

Outtake showing how I lit up a glass bottle stopped for a photo.

If you would like to see all 365 photos, click the photo below to go to the album on Flickr..
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