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Postcard Love

As a member of Postcrossing, I love to send and receive postcards. I enjoy the pieces of beauty that appear in my mailbox, from all over the world. It was a natural progression to start designing and selling postcards of my own. I get a little excited with every postcard sale, because that means my artwork is about to be shared.


A postcard with a story

Marbles marbles marbles postcard for Postcrossing

Marbles marbles marbles

Like I said, I like knowing that my art is going to be shared. I had a very pleasant surprise on Postcrossing in 2015. I drew a new name, went to their “favorites” to see what kinds of postcards they might like to receive … and there was one of my postcards. The marbles one! Wow! So of course I sent her a copy of it.

New designs

Want to see more? Check out my collection of postcards on Zazzle.

Postcrossing? What’s that?

Postcrossing is a site where you can register to send and receive postcards. Upon registration, you can request up to five addresses. When you request an address, the site will randomly generate an address and an ID number. Write the ID number on your postcard, include a short message, and mail it! Once the recipient receives your card, they will register it, and you will become eligible to receive a postcard from anywhere in the world.

As of March 8, 2016, I have sent 201 postcards and received 203. I’ve interacted with people from 38 countries so far. And that’s not even including the private swaps I’ve arranged through the Postcrossing forums and on Facebook groups. If your mailbox is a little empty, sign up for Postcrossing today!

Disclaimer: this is an affiliate site. If you purchase a product on Zazzle, I may receive compensation beyond sales of my postcards. This site is not affiliated with Postcrossing, I share the URL only to help others find enjoyment through the site.